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image.pngChina Dyestuff Industry Association 

image.pngChina Dyeing and Printing Association 
image.pngCouncil for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai  

Shanghai International Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

China Cotton Textile Association
China Wool Textile Industry Association
China Knitting Industry Association
China Bast and Leaf Fibres Textile Association
Ink Branch of China Daily-used Chemical Industry Association
Organic Pigments Speciality Committee of China Dyestuff Industry Association
Masterbatches Speciality Committee of China Dyestuff Industry Association
Textile Printing Auxiliaries Speciality Committee of China Dyestuff Industry Association
Shanghai Coating and Dyestuff Industry Association
Zhejiang Dyestuff Industry Association
Tianjin Dyestuff Industry Association
Shanghai Printing and Dyeing Association
Zhejiang Printing and Dyeing Association
Guangdong Textile Association
Fujian Textile Industry Association
Shishi Dyeing and Finishing Association
Shaoxing Keqiao Printing and Dyeing Industry Association
Shaoxing Shangyu Printing and Dyeing Association

Overseas Supporters: 
Taiwan Dyestuffs and Pigments Industrial Association
Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council (Chemexcil)
Korea Dyestuff and Pigment Industry Cooperative
Hong Kong Dyestuffs Merchants Association Limited
Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchant"s Association